Marshall Tucker Years

The Marshall Tucker Band, Grinderswitch & Bonnie Bramlett

I’ve noticed various stories about Toy on the Internet, including TOY STORY and TRIBUTE TO TOY.

Many are from the liner notes in the Best of MTB, the CAPRICORN YEARS.  All songs on this double CD were written by Toy, with the exception of two. I was not aware of this release, although it is one of my favorites.  Comments from the liner notes are copied word for word, on most of these interviews, history, and Michael B. Smith’s CAROLINA DREAMS.    I’ve never made a secret of my distaste for this book.   Recently I took the time to glance through it, since it was first released as I was being sued.  There was only so much I could deal with.

- Abbie Caldwell


Toy never quit the Water Works, and would have continued working there and traveling to Macon, had Tommy not intervened to request  an advance for all the band.

Never at any time did Toy say he was going to quit the Toy Factory and give up music.

MTB played Madison Square Garden November 12, 1978, not  in 1981 as has been written and dedicated to Tommy. Tommy was very much alive and well.

Hittin The Note sent me a letter of apology after printing TOY STORY -by Michael B. Smith.  After once again referring to a confrontation between Toy and Tommy. There was no confrontation, and it is in poor taste to continue to print this.

THE OUTLAWS, did play with Toy when he was solo, and his back up band, one of which was Franklin Wilkie, left Toy. They took their tickets to fly home, not realizing they would be sleeping on the airport floor until the tickets were good.  Why Wilkie is quoted is questionable, since he has not seen Toy since that event, and did not attend his funeral.

After reading a newspaper article, where Wilkie was again, expressing his love for Toy and how much he missed him, I contacted him personally and told him not to be using Toy’s name to promote himself.  He and I both knew why.


In glancing at Smith’s book, Doug Gray states different dates of military service.   He states he left early in 1967. When he returned, Toy HAD to go.

As I wrote years ago, Smith’s book is a work of fiction.