Abbie’s Thank You

Read here for a personal thank you from Abbie...
An open letter to all those people who have been there for me through all these years. For the most part you know who you are, but some of you might not realize how much you mean to me.

Of course the MTB road crew during the 70’s, sound and lighting, you were all very important and appreciated . Special thank you to Randy Read and Robin Majors who gave me two fantastic stories for the website and for staying in touch. Thanks to Gar, as well, also great to hear from you.

Pat Halverson, thank you is nowhere enough to say to you. You’ve been with me every single step of the way since Toy’s death, for support, laughter, worrying way too much about me, but glad you did.  My very special person in my life that was friends with Toy and continued with me when I really did need a friend.  I love you with all my heart and thank you.

Casey Del Casino is in my life because of you. He is my attorney and my friend. He got me in touch with Mike Vaden who is my CPA and my friend.   A win-win situation.

And Charlie Daniels and his people: Taz (keyboards) who each time I run into him at a CDB concert patiently with a smile listens as I go on and on telling him who I am (kind of lengthy!)  I’m always worried he will have forgotten who I am, but he has not and starts laughing as he says “I KNOW who you are!”  I did not realize I did this until Pat told me, and I pictured myself going through this long tale for years. Most likely  I will do it the next time I see him.

There are people who have emailed me for over 10 years, far too many to name.  But you all are friends to me now, I appreciate the emails and I appreciate the tales you have told me.  Glad Toy touched so many.

I loved Spartanburg, but I needed to leave, not because I had anything to hide but to do what was best for me.  Greenville is my home now and I have met many through the animal causes I am interested in.

A very special thank you to Brian and Jill Norman, who have been good friends over the years, and have been kind enough to share their children with me. I’ve watched them grow for many years. Brian and Alex are my special friends.

Brian age 11 or Alex age 7

There are not many friends who will find an all night pharmacy for you, and go pick up medicine that a doctor has called in for you, but Dana Lyn Hoover did... DL has done this and more.  Thank you for being my friend and being there for me when I’ve needed you so often.

Thanks to all of you for your support and friendship and love.



“I hold that the more the helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to protection  by man.” Mahatma Gandhi.