A Message from Ab

Several years ago I was very sick and had no idea how sick, until I walked to Mercedes McClain's house and could not remember anything. She asked what happened to me, you look like you have been beaten with a baseball bat...While I was arguing with her that I would go to the doctor the next day, she had called an ambulance. She took over, took care of the house and dogs and called Pat. I was admitted into ICU, had blood transfusions and IV's...more tests. Mercedes, I don't even want to think about what could have happened. Thank you for taking charge of me and my mouth! Truthfully, I thought I ran out of room on the friends page! Which I do not think is possible!

Amy Golden, who I could not remember her name, Mercedes did also call. After working long hours, she came to the hospital, and waited to see if they could get my hemoglobin level high enough to be released after a few days... After 10pm they released me, Amy drove me home, went to her house, and got her uniform for the next day because she was afraid to leave me. I doubt she got 2 hours sleep, because I know I kept her awake.

Pat also pointed out that I did not mention I own Tommys Toy Box Music Publishing company. I work from home M-F. I have the best people who I trust completely that advise me and look out for Toy's songs. They are already on my friends page. Pat has always been there for me. I sure asked her enough questions, over and over and over. She sure has a lot of patience.

The charities I am involved in, I list links to some of my favorites, and others... There are so many in need of help. So much abuse and lack of compassion. It is heartbreaking.

TTBM publishing I am proud of, I am proud of the website, It took so many years. David has done a fantastic job, especially since I threw all sorts of things at him in no particular order.

I will never take my health for granted again. I have so much to be grateful for. I am very much at peace.

Thank you all for your support! It means more than you can imagine. Love and appreciation to all of you!