Randy Read

The last time I saw Toy was in Knoxville and Marty Stuart, and Travis (Tritt),
were doing a Pay for View and they had been closing the show with "Can't You See."
So those two guys did their show, the lights went down and Toy came on stage
and was dressed in black and was facing the drummer (back to people).

Lights came up and Toy hit the first lick of the song and then turned around
and started walking down stage and 20 thousand people went nuts.

I am not sure I had ever heard "Can't You See" any better.
I stood on stage and just cried.
He hugged me and said how was it?
There were no words to describe it.

You know I knew the producer of the Show (Pay for View)
As I was walking by the production truck he came running down the stairs
screaming it does not get any better than that....
End the show!!!

It makes me cry just talking about it!

- Randy Read, Marshall Tucker Band Lighting-